Watering your plants..!

Guidelines for watering

Potted Indoor Plants

As the plants are kept inside our home, the frequency of watering decreases. The rate of evaporation is very low because they are not exposed to sunlight and winds. So, we can water the plants every 2-3 days.

Potted Outdoor Plants

Plants which are kept outdoors need daily watering. As they are directly exposed to sunlight, the evaporation rate is high. The smaller the container, the more water it needs. So, watering them daily in the morning is the best way to keep them hydrated and healthy.


Vegetables require water to grow fast and healthy. Water stress affects the yield of the plants. The best growth can be seen when they are watered daily. Morning is the best time to water the plants.

Care while watering

Wrong method of watering will put the plants at risk or even might kill them.

The best time to water the plant is in the morning. The atmospheric temperature and the soil temperature is cool & stable in the morning which ensures that the plants do not go into shock. The evaporation rate is also less in the morning which enables the water to reach the bottom of the pot/container.

Avoid using jet-spray nozzles for watering, they increase the chances of soil erosion or disturbance. Instead use a sprinkler – spray nozzle which distributes the water evenly.

Avoid using hard water for your plants. The salts in the water sit on the soil surface due to which the pH of the soil changes. It might affect the growth of the plant.

Always use water with a normal temperature. Hot or cold water puts the plants into shock and their growth is affected.

Use potting mix that does not remain soggy for hours after watering. The soil or potting mix should be well-draining.

Avoid planting plants in pots which do not have drainage holes.

Water stress during flowering and fruiting season adversely affects the yield. Water daily in the morning.

If you are using a tray under a pot, make sure the water does not stand for more than 3-4 hours after watering.

If you are going for a vacation, avoid keeping the pots in buckets of water. Instead keep a bucket filled with water. Use a cotton or jute rope. Put one end in the bucket and the other end in the pot. The water will travel through the rope to the plants.