Plants in the balcony, but how to decide the size of the pot? What about sunlight, Manure & Water?

Terrace gardening can be done even in a small space. Even in a pot, plants can grow fast. All you have to do the calculate size of the pot, the fertilizer for the plants, the water and the sunlight …

Nowadays with the advent of flat system there are many difficulties in gardening or decorating the green corner of the house. In big cities these days, many homes have no balcony or terrace. Arrangements are made to enlarge the windows so that sunlight can reach them. So those who have a balcony, no matter how small, can at least satisfy their gardening cravings. Even if you put the pots one by one in a small space, you can comfortably plant 8-10 plants. The plants in the pot also grow very well and make a corner of your house really green. All that is required is to follow certain rules (proper proportion of water, sunlight and fertilizers to plants in terrace).

How to take care of plants in planters?

  • If the plants get only a few hours of sunlight in a day, then rotate the pot 90 degrees every week.
  • Dust often falls on indoor plants. This dust should be cleaned on time. Otherwise, the leaves have difficulty in getting sunlight and they do not appear to bloom.
  • Dried leaves- Flowers should be removed from the plants regularly.
  • If there is any green grass, weeds or other plants growing in the pot besides the plant you planted, remove it. Because it does not improve the growth of the plant you planted.
  • Plant cutting should be done every two-three month. This causes the plants to grow faster.
  • Once in two-three months, weed the soil in the pot. In doing so, make sure that the roots of the plants are not damaged.

How to select the proper shape and size of planters for terrace garden?

  • If space is a problem, you can decorate the garden with 12-inch pots. A 12-inch pot is sufficient for flowering plants like Jaswand, Rose, Kanher or large growing ornamental plants, shrubs.
  • This pot is neither too big nor too small. So, the growth of plants will good.
  • You can also use medium or small sized pots for ornamental plants.
  • Big ornamental plants do not need to be watered daily in other (rainy, winter) seasons except summer. Give them water for a day. Otherwise, they will be damaged by excess water.
  • In case of indoor plants, add water only when the soil in the pot is dry and that too in the amount as per need of plant.

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